Join us at Virtual Charity Runs where we run for deserving causes. Run/walk on your own time, at your own pace, and receive a gorgeous medal!

What We Do

At Virtual Charity Runs, we fund-raise for needy non-profits using our innovative and fun virtual runs. Unlike traditional charitable runs and races, our contributors can run a one miler, 5k, or 10k at their own pace and on their own time. You can walk, run, wheel, bike, swim, dance, or even skip, and it doesn’t matter if you do your entire run in one go or if you need to break it up into more manageable “bites.” We have few rules here at Virtual Charity Runs!

All races, regardless of mileage, have a sign-up fee of $28 and at least $8 from every registration goes to the cause. That’s right, not a “variable rate of 20% net profit after costs,” which usually means $1-2, like some others out there.

We give as much as possible, as often as possible. Giving is our core value.  We are working on getting 501c3 status, but for now, we are a “for profit” that donates our profits.  As volunteers ourselves, we take fundraising seriously and are here to serve, not make a buck.

What You Get


When you participate in one of our Virtual Charity Runs, not only do you get the satisfaction of helping needy dogs, cats, or people, while developing or maintaining healthy habits, but you also receive a custom designed medal. Each race has its very own medal and the design coordinates with the non-profits main beneficiary. For example, our medal for our Lucky Cat Virtual Run featured a maneki-neko, or Japanese lucky cat, and our medal for our Boston Terrier Virtual Run had an adorable Boston pup, front and center.

These quality medals are beautifully made and we have many runners who have started collecting each one, because they’re just that – collector’s items! Plus, our medals are a great reminder of the lives helped by your contribution. Your medal means something special, and your miles literally help save lives. Interested in learning even more about what we do here? Check out our Virtual Runs FAQS page.

Success Stories

While we have helped a variety of deserving non-profits with our Virtual Charity Runs, most of our races have benefited dog rescues. Usually, organizations are staffed with volunteers and money is always tight, and often, when dogs are surrendered, they are in rough shape.

You can imagine that a dog who is in the care of a rescue is sometimes beaten, neglected, starving, sick or afraid of people. Many will need rehabilitative care. Other times, we’ve seen female dogs who were abused and neglected by shady breeders and abandoned in parking lots shortly after weaning their last profitable batch of pups. They simply weren’t “worth” having anymore.

Virtual Charity Runs has directly helped numerous needy individuals. Here are just a couple of these special little souls:

Rescue Pugs Milo is a rescue pug who needed spinal surgery to decompress the disks in his back which impaired his ability to walk. His disks were badly fused together, and a special surgery was needed to help him walk and function normally. Seeing a dog this young who already is unable to walk is absolutely heartbreaking. In order to help him walk again, his surgery was funded from the 2nd annual Virtual Pug Run.

bailey before after Bailey is a Boston Terrier who was born with Hypospaduis. In simple words, his urethra was located about 2mm below his anus, even though he had male genitalia. Because of this birth defect, he was in constant pain from urinary tract infections. He had one surgery and it wasn’t as successful as was hoped, but thanks to funds from our Lucky Dog Virtual Run, his second one was a success!

These are just some of the success stories we’ve seen unfold as the result of Virtual Charity Runs. With your help, we can help better numerous more lives!

Ways to Connect


Over the last 4 years, Virtual Charity Runs has slowly built up a wonderful social media following of like-minded individuals who enjoy running, walking, or just giving back. There, our contributors post pics with their medals, share run times and routes, and offer encouragement and camaraderie to their fellow runners. If you’d like to connect with one – or all – of our social media outlets, check them out here……

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Virtual Charity Runners Community Facebook Group

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