Virtual Charity Runs is a passion project of a couple who is dedicated to snort-nosed dogs and who want to use fitness to give back. Meet the team that makes it all possible!





Shannyn:  Shannyn is the crazy lady who came up with the idea to do virtual runs to fundraise for pugs back in 2013.  She does the design, marketing, & is the official CGO (Chief Glitter Officer).





Aaron:  Aaron is the brains & braun- shipping, accounting & heavy lifting.  He’s always looking for ways to trim costs so we can give more to the cause; he’s a nerd with numbers!

Aaron loves golf, shooting pool & being walked by his energetic 8 year old Boston Terrier.




Matilda the Pug:  Matilda is a 3 year old rescue, who is full of spunk and absolutely HAS to be touching her mom at all times. While adorable, she has a tendency to bark at pretty much everything.  Her favorite toy is her stuffed dragon.





Mr. Bo the Boston: Bo is an 8-year-old Boston Terrier who is all muscle with the energy of a puppy. He loves to chase squirrels and chew on deer antlers if he can’t be outside amongst the flora and fauna. His favorite toy is a tennis ball.



To learn more about Virtual Charity Runs, hop on over to our Virtual Charity Runs – What We Do our Virtual Runs FAQS page.


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