What is a virtual run?

Virtual runs are fundraising events that begin on the internet but really happen anywhere you are – on your hometown, on your home turf, at any time you want to run it!

You can walk or run, and do your mileage at your convenience.  You still run or walk a race, but you don’t need to fight the crowds or wake up early on a weekend to run.

How do I run a virtual run?

You can sign up for your desired distance online on the race sign up page for your event.  Each race will have a timeframe designated that you can run (usually during a certain week) and you will run on your own time and turf, and a medal will be mailed to you for your participation.

Do I need to submit “proof of time?” How will I get my medal?

The registration is only open for a short time, but  you can complete your distance at any time.   All registrants receive a medal- so if you’re injured, or recovering from an illness, please don’t stress.  We do though, operate on the honor system, you can earn your medal anytime….but of course, don’t hang it ’til ya earn it!

We are here to empower all abilities, ages and experience levels.  You can run on your own time, on  your own turf- so if you need to do your distance in several legs, that’s okay too!  We do though, welcome you to join our Private Facebook Group to share a selfie or share publicly with #VirtualCharityRuns so we can cheer you on!

Do I get a medal?

YES! All runners or walkers get a medal!  It’s on the honor system, so do your miles and watch your mailbox!

Where/how do I do my miles for virtual runs?

You can walk, run, bike, swim or even walk your dog to earn your medal.  We aren’t picky- the point is to help charities get those much needed dollars, and for us to get our much needed exercise!

We want all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities to be able to participate, so do your miles YOUR way… track, treadmill, trail, pool, road, wherever!

Do I have to do my miles all at once?

We are all about being inclusive to all ability and fitness levels. You can walk or run your miles at once, or do several legs with your pup, it’s all good!

We’ve had participants who are going through chemotherapy or recovering from surgery who would earn their miles in smaller chunks, and that’s welcomed!  Our goal is to help you with YOUR fitness goals and help out some great causes in the process.

How much is donated to the cause?

After being a volunteer with the Northern Illinois Pug Rescues, we saw that many fundraisers out there being offered by companies only offer 10-25% of the run fee to the organization, and knew that even one special needs dog who needs therapy or surgery could easily drain the reserves of a rescue- so we knew bigger impact was needed without putting additional strain on volunteers and supporters.

We donate at least $8 of each sign up to the cause, and is one of the biggest gives you’ll find out there. As we grow, we can do even more.

We have seen other organizations donate $1-5 dollars, and we do our best to keep our operation small and our costs lean in order to give as much as possible.

We do virtual runs to raise funds and raise awareness, but it also helps to take some of the pressure off the constant, necessary fundraising that volunteers of the organizations we work with- we cover all aspects of the fundraising efforts.

In order to create a sustainable operation that can scale and do even more good, we keep our costs down and donate as much as possible to the organization.  Our typical donation is around $4,000-$8,000 from a run, but the bigger we get, the MORE we can give.  Your support will help us get there so we can do the most good without requiring the rescues to take on the strain of another fundraiser.

What virtual runs and causes have you put on in the past?

You can view all of our past runs, the amount we raised, and who we raised it for on our Past Events page.

How do you select which organizations to support for your virtual runs?

Right now, we do this as a passion project to help organizations we want to support, but still work day jobs, so we are selective on the organizations we fundraise for.

Since our investment is high and our business is small (and limited to our personal savings accounts for startup costs), we decide on projects on a case by case basis.  In 2017, we hope to grow to one race every 6 weeks, so you’ll see many more wonderful charities get support!

Where can I learn more?

Check out our Virtual Charity Runs – What We Do page to learn even more about what we do here at Virtual Charity Runs!

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Virtual Runs are the bomb! Come on over and participate in our Virtual Charity Runs, which benefit worthy charities.

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